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Solfa X 1.6 MAS macOS

How to learn notes? How to read sheet music? How to remember note names?

“Notes” helps you learn notes for piano, guitar or singing. “Musical Notes” is a quiz game for kids and beginners that helps you learn simple music theory.

– train sight-reading – read notes of alto, bass, tenor, treble clef staff – learn tonality and chord names – switch between English, German note names

You can use “Notes” for ear training and basics of solfa.

List of musical instruments: – singing – piano – guitar – bass guitar – violin – cello – double bass

Types of musical notations: – C D E F G A B – C D E F G A H – Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si – До Ре Ми Фа Соль Ля Си – Ντο Ρε Μι Φα Σολ Λα Σι – ハ ニ ホ ヘ ト イ ロ – 다 라 마 바 사 가 나 – स रे ग म प ध नि – ด ร ม ฟ ซ ล ท

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later Mac App Store


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