SoundSpot UNION v1.0.1

SoundSpot UNION v1.0.1

Union new generation of table synthesizer audio plugin SoundSpot, showing a unique table generator that allows you to create harmonically rich table sets from the outlet of the main generators of the Union: a technique often used by the world’s best designers of sound, to create a rich and deep sound. Union allows you to use this method for the synthesis with a single click. Union plugin comes with unique features such as independent filters on the generator, which allows deeper control over the formation of your sound, and unison engine, which can run up to 96 votes in one piece note.

Innovative modulation system

The Union has an innovative click through modulation system that allows you to quickly create rich and attractive sounds.

Oscillator 1, 2 and 3 include its own dedicated ADSR, MOD ADSR envelope and LFO and oscillator 3 includes an additional table window that allows you to scrub through the stereo table sets to create organic traffic to your sounds.

In addition, master-FX particular circuit 4 LFO, that can be assigned to any element-FX master control, and includes a start-up mode, so that they can be used more like a conventional ADSR envelope further increase creative possibilities.

The best of analog and digital audio in one plugin

Everyone loves a rich, dense sound hardware, but most believe that this restriction is frustrating. With this in mind, we intend to build a synthesizer, which provided all the analog functions of the equipment with the accuracy and convenience of the digital domain.

Union was modeled with some of the best sounding synthesizers in the history of music, and combines the brute force with unique features such as table generation, which just would not have been possible in purely analog form. This leads to a synthesizer which actually competes equipment, but lives in your computer.

Do all your post-processing in audio plugin Union

Once you have made up your sound, it’s time to give it that polished. However, there is no need to go to add multiple audio plug-in for your channel strip plug-in as the Union is equipped with FX rack, which has 9 professional quality effects, post-processing.

They include: a compressor, a 4-band parametric equalizer, Distrortion, Delay, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger & Filter. In addition, the new Reverb has been included on the model of the analog equipment.

All FX to use the best of the post-processing algorithms SoundSpot audio plug-ins range. This means that you can professionally produce a perfectly polished sound within the Union.

Features: – Intuitive workflow to control every aspect of your sound. – Up to 32 voices unison generator – Spectral smoothing. – 2 Basic analog type oscillators. – Wavetable oscillator generator. – Intuitive modulation system. – 9 FX modules, based on a range of post-processing in SoundSpot. – Over 300 professionally designed presets.

What’s new in this version: The official website does not provide information about changes in this version.

Compatibility: • OS X 10.7 + Homepage


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