Stats Panel 1.2.1

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Stats Panel 1.2.1 MAS macOS

A macOS system monitor on your menubar.

Simple A system monitor on your menubar. No complicated menus or configuration.

Lightweight Stats Panel uses very little system resources and reports own memory usage. Activate low animation mode to reduce the footprint even further. Only 2.2 MB on disk.

Focused A system monitor that focuses on system monitoring. Stats Panel shows you the stats you need when you need them. No bloatware or unnecessary bundled software.

Stats & Features:

    • CPU monitor (Percentage, timeline, load average & core count)
    • Memory monitor (Percentage, totals and type counts)
    • Disk usage (Percentage, totals and read-write speed)
    • Network monitor (Upload and download speeds)
    • Battery health (Percentage, estimated remaining, cycles & health)
    • Customisable colours
    • Launch on startup option
    • Low animation mode to save power
    • Pin system monitor

    Stats Panel is a great control panel for your Mac. Monitor your system, review battery health, processor, memory, network and disk activity.

    What’s New:

    Version 1.2.1

      • New battery meter for MacBooks, including estimated time remaining, cycle count and battery health.
      • Improved CPU graph plus option to use classic bar graph.
      • Low animation mode option significantly reduces footprint when popover is active.
      • Optimised code to lower processor and energy usage for even smaller footprint.

      Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later Mac App Store


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