Steuererklärung 2.10.1

The tax return 2.10.1

Why is the tax office did not really control software for Mac? Nobody knows for sure, but the good news is that there is finally a replacement!

With the “tax declaration” They range in no time at Elster tax declaration – as simple as the name promises the application.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers now do without the expensive management software:

The application supports both the VAT return and delivery of business tax returns, VAT returns, the net income method (EUR) and a summary report (ZM).

If you are looking for a cheap and elegant alternative to the often superfluous bloated and sluggish control programs in the past, then you have found it:

“Tax Declaration” is a brief and easy-to-use application that is very Mac like focus their functions on the host.

Make you are to find their way, the application of the model of the official paper forms. When you enter the tax information is available on many issues in a comprehensive filling side. And the built-in validation ensures prior to shipment, all completely filled. If your tax return is sent to the online application to the tax office, is securely encrypted and is officially recognized by Elster. You only have to provide a signed copy later – done!

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  • What’s new:

    version 2.10.1

        version 2.10.1

      Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor Home


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