Strongspace 7.4.7

Strongspace 7.4.7

Strongspace allows you to control your most important files and information.

Strongspace is secure, highly available, storage area networks and collaboration solutions. It is designed for you to master in its own protected environment, or we can make for you a bill for

Strongspace design goals for a safe, reliable, easy to maintain and update. It is designed to be productive with low resource requirements allowing to scale to thousands of users without a huge amount of infrastructure.

Cloud Deployment Native Strongspace is fully container application. This means that everything in perspective in Docker containers we ship as part of the deployment. It packages all dependencies provides a consistent and reliable way to run Strongspace deployment.

We decided to use Kubernetes as our solution for the management and orchestration of the container.

Encrypted Object Storage Strongspace designed to scale, regardless of the power needs of your organization by enrypting and unloading of large-scale storage of your data object, such as Amazon S3, Spaces Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Storage, or any other S3-Compatible storage facilities.

Compatibility: MacOS 10.10.0 or later


Size:108 MB
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