stw audio REFLEX PRO X v1.0.2

Description of stw audio REFLEX PRO X v1.0.2

REFLEX-PRO-X is the flagship of stw-audio delay modules. It’s designed as a true stereo multi delay/fx unit with enhanced modulation and effect combination features and therefore one of the most versatile delay plug ins on the market.
4 true stereo delay channels with inter feedback and input routings
3 effect slots for each channel
4 delay modes featuring enhanced feedback options and extended tap mode
4×4 feedback matrix
21 selected customizable effects with countless combination possibilities
Extensive modulation options
10 modulation sources of three different types
Modulation logic
Master FX section
4 Independent True Stereo Delay Slots
Each delay slot offers extensive variations of input, effect, delay mode, feedback routing… and varioius individual slot settings. All slots operate as true stereo channels which means that left and right input are processed independently through all signal stages.
4 delay modes with multiple feedback options
REFLEX-PRO-X provides forward, backward, grain and tap delay modes with various feedback or triggering options. Either mode includes individual options for further settings and delay and feedback signal control.
Simply changing the feedback mode let you easily switch between stereo, ping-pong, or multi feedback delays.
Enhanced TAP Delay Mode
The TAP Delay Mode offers individual Time, Level, and Pan Control for each of the 16 delay tap pairs. Beyond that you can control and modulate two parameter offered by a selected post delay effect by choice. If chained this could result to a 64 TAP full stereo delay pattern.
3 Semi Modular FX Racks
REFLEX-PRO-X offers three effect racks which could hold one of up to 21 different DSP effects for each delay slot . Select one of various filter, shaping and modulation modules as Pre-delay, Feedback, or Post-delay effect. All effect modules provide multiple modulation options which bring your sounds to life.
Master FX Section
Additional to the individual slot effects a master effect section offers final sound shaping opportunities. A selection of different ambient and reverb algorithms, as well as diverse EQ or filter options are available. The master effects output can also be routed to the delay slot inputs and therefore used as a source for sound colouring itself.
Modulation Sources
REFLEX-PRO-X provides 2 Envelope follower, 4 LFO and 4 Trance Gate modules which could be assigned to most of all available effect, slot and delay parameters. Additionally a logic section allows to chain and alter these sources to complete new interacting modulation signals.
Feedback Matrix
Each delay slot contains a feedback matrix to allow interconnecting delay outputs between the discrete channels. That allows all sorts of Feedback Delay Networks, well known from various reverb algorithms. Therefore REFLEX-PRO-X is more than just ‘another’ delay but more of a enhanced ambient machine.
Master Section
The master section offers direct access to diverse settings applying to all slots or the main output. Delay time and feedback as well as overall delay modulation could changed with one knob. A master limiter/booster as well as output levels including easy switch between send/insert mode are available here.
Changes from 1.0.1:
⁃ Fixed: Occasional reg validation failures.
⁃ Fixed: Output of false ENV monitor signal.
⁃ Changed: Presets can only be saved into User Preset folder.

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