Sugar Bytes Guitarist 1.0.5

Description of Sugar Bytes Guitarist 1.0.5

Sugar Bytes Guitarist 1.0.5 Guitarist is a virtual guitar that’s designed to emulate rhythm parts played on an electric guitar. The actual guitar player has been transformed into a step sequencer system with a huge level of customisation when it comes to chords or fingering patterns and a detailed control over authentic nuance and expression.

Key Features

Four electric Guitars with more to come soon
More than 2,000 Samples for each Sixstring
Control over Strum, Chords & Song Structures
Action Section for real-time Control
Slides, Vibratos or Portamentos
Warm Amps and Direct-Out
10 Effects plus Wahwah Pedal & Talkmode
Mute or De-tune individual Strings

Screenshots of Sugar Bytes Guitarist 1.0.5
Size:5 MB
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