TeaCode 1.0.1

TeaCode 1.0.1

TeaCode speeds coding with powerful variable on the basis of language. The app comes with over 80 built-in extenders. Creating a new extremely simple, and it works with almost any editor. No matter what programming language we use, we always write a lot of code. TeaCode writes it with you. Quickly.

– Focus on the code: Just write the template code, click TeaCode label and continue to write code.

– Any text editor: TeaCode running probably all native Macos text editors. For non-native ones that we have already made some plugins.

– 80+ built-expanders: TeaCode comes with 70+ built-in extenders. For Swift, PHP and HTML.

– Create your own extenders: so very easily. Create them once and write code faster.

– Export: You can export the extenders package and share with others.

– Fast navigation: The need to access the extender syntax quickly? Or quickly find? Press ⌘ + ⇧ + spacebar and start typing.

Compatibility: MacOS 10,12 or later 64-bit Home https://www.apptorium.com

Size:11 MB
Files[123MacTorrent.Com]TeaCode_1.0.1__HCiSO.dmg [11 MB].torrent

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