Tone2 Warmverb Multi-FX 1.2.1

Description of Tone2 Warmverb Multi-FX 1.2.1

Tone2 Warmverb Multi-FX 1.2.1 With an easy to use interface, an intelligent random function and over 150 presets, Multi-FX gives you instant access to a large selection of essential effects and inspiring new sounds.
There are modular 4 effect slots. You can choose from a huge selection of 38 different effects for every slot. There are standard effects, as well as new, unique sounding effect modules which are exclusive. You can create a virtually endless number of new and unique effects, by combining the modular effect slots, the EQ and the feedback :
‘Singing Reverb’ = Reverb + Tap Delay → Talkbox
‘Echo LFO phaser’ = Tap Delay + Reverb → LFO Stereo Phaser
‘Scratching’ = Ringmod LFO → Pingpong Filter → Ringmod LFO
Effect modules
3 high-end quality Reverbs
2 Vocoder types
Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Filtered Ping Pong
Chorus, Ensemble
Flanger, Stereo Flanger
Phaser, Stereo Phaser
LFO Low-pass, Band-pass and High-pass
Tubeamp, Transistor, Presence, Hardclip
Bitcrush, Waveshape
Dolby Surround Encoding
Stereo Enhancing
3 Early Reflection types
Feedback module
Why is it an essential tool?
With Mutli-FX you can…
Add warm sounding reverb to your mix (warmverb)
Create freaky devil or smurph-voices
Make yourself sound robotic with the vocoder
Create unique and impressive custom effects by combining modules
Mix with pristine sound quality
Be creative and have fun experimenting
Replace a rack full of effect units with a single plugin
Save a lot of money!
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