ToneBoosters Plugin Bundle v1.4.7

Description of ToneBoosters Plugin Bundle v1.4.7

Our audio plugins are based on more than a decade of scientific research and product development in the areas of digital signal processing and auditory perception. We combine advanced signal processing techniques and highly-optimized cross-platform implementations with simple-to-use interfaces to optimize your workflow.
We strive for both affordability as well as quality rather than settling for compromises and trade-offs, introducing professional-grade products to a broad range of users.
Barricade v4.4.4
UI improvements
Compressor v4.3.1
UI, efficiency and stability improvements
Improved initialization at start of playback
DualVCF v1.5.2
New option to disable the peak limiter
Beat synced LFO can now go up to a sequence length of 999 beats (
8 minutes at 120 bpm)
Free running LFO can now go up to an LFO rate of 500 Hz for crazy modulation effects
Enhancer v1.2.1
Equalizer v4.3.1
Gain parameter can now be locked for easier frequency sweeps, adjustment of LP, HP filters, etc
Morphit v1.5.1
ReelBus v4.4.1
Reverb v4.4.1
New expert settings panel with control over room size, room geometry, modulation frequency and modulation depth
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