Toontrack Metal EBX v1.0.3 Update

Name: [123MacTorrent.Com]Toontrack_Metal_EBX_v1.0.3_Update_WiN_OSX.rar.torrent
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Files [123MacTorrent.Com]Toontrack_Metal_EBX_v1.0.3_Update_WiN_OSX.rar [42.5 MB].torrent

Toontrack Metal EBX Update v1.0.3 macOS

The Metal EBX is an expansion for EZbass designed to provide a broad palette of tones for metal. Combining detail, clarity and extreme power in the form of a pristinely defined low end, this instrument checks off all the characteristics needed to cut through just as well a brutal death metal track at break-neck speed as a rhythmic progressive passage, a dense wall of guitars or literally anything in between or beyond. Being bright and articulate at the same time as it’s dark and menacing, this is the definition of a great allround bass for heavy music.

Updated Metal EBX library to work correctly with EZbass 1.0.8


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