TotalSpaces 2.8.6

TotalSpaces 2.8.6

TotalSpaces2 is a grid of space on your Mac. Easy-to-use 2D grid of desktops. Move with the arrow keys (by default with SHIFT-ALT), choose transitions and quick access to the bird’s-eye view of your grid spaces, where you can manage your application windows. You can even give their names space.

One of the most useful features TotalSpaces2 is that it allows you to assign specific applications to specific spaces. This means that if you have a grid of 3 × 3, you can ensure that your Twitter client in the upper left corner of the space and that your mail client is always right in the middle.

Switching between applications using the Command tab, by default, displays the applications in the order they have been recently used. it means that your mail client may require a different number of presses Tab each time you switch on it. Using TotalSpaces2, to appoint him to the position defined in the grid, you can quickly and reliably switch to it at will.

TotalSpaces2 particularly useful on smaller screened devices such as line MacBook Air. On the big screen can display two programs side by side, however, the 13 “and smaller screens, things get very close if you try to do it.


  • Desktop Management: Display the desktop review and drag windows between them.
  • Define the grid: Move left, right, up and down between your desktops.
  • Please select one: Fully customizable transitions and hotkeys.
  • Swipe between desktops: Navigating the grid has never been easier.
  • Hot Corners: Trigger grid description simply by moving the mouse.
  • App purpose: Keep your application where you want them. Assign applications to the desktop.

What’s new:

Version 2.8.6:

      Version 2.8.6:

    Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor Home


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