Transfer 1.2.3

Description of Transfer 1.2.3

A simple and reliable TFTP server for your Mac.
The ideal TFTP server
Transfer is a reliable and fully RFC-compliant TFTP server application. The perfect alternative to the built-in TFTP server on your Mac. It’s got everything you expect: real-time updates of current transfers in progress, support for broadcast TFTP requests, transfer history and basic TFTP root directory access control and file management. A feature rich TFTP server with a simple and modern user interface.
Transfer is all you need for your file transfers. Just launch the app and you’re ready to go. Quit the app and the TFTP server goes away to avoid unwanted access to your files by others in your network.
Transfer Downloads
Written from the ground up, Transfer offers total control of your file transfers while playing nicely with existing TFTP clients. Transfer comes with support for common TFTP protocol extensions and options, including:
RFC 2347 – TFTP Option Extension
RFC 2348 – TFTP Blocksize Option
RFC 2349 – TFTP Timeout Interval and Transfer Size Options
Additionally, it supports file transfers using either binary or ascii mode, and transfers of unlimited size by using implicit block counter rollover. Wait, what is this all about again? Don’t worry, just know Transfer gives you the flexibility you need to work with different file types and sizes.
Transfer has been tested in a real production environment to ensure it works well under different circumstances. For such a simple app, it gets the job done beautifully.
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