TRIM Enabler 4.3

TRIM Enabler 4.3

Trim Enabler is the first and most secure utility to enable pruning on Mac OS X. With the flick of a switch you can improve the speed and durability of your SSD.

Boost SSD Cropping is a must for the majority of solid state drives. This not only increases the speed of data recording, but it increases the life of the SSD. With Trim Enabler, you can bring this feature to Mac OSX.

Monitor your disks DETAILED S.M.A.R.T monitor performance and provide appropriate health statistics and reports on disk

Advanced Tweaks Access advanced OS X tweaks to improve the performance of your SSD or up to a few gigabytes of free disk space – it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

Benchmark SSD measurement function or the hard disk speed and performance of the file system with the super easy function reference

Compatibility: OSX 10.9 or later Home

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