Tweak Photos 2.3

Photos Tweak 2.3

Systweak developed a completely new application for image editing, batch photo Tweak to your Mac. This may very well be the main instrument for batch editing you are looking for! With Tweak photos, editing thousands of your photographs is just a matter of a few mouse clicks. This is a very effective tool that will help you set up as many effects as you want, for the entire series of photographs. It also allows you to convert photo formats and rename an entire batch of photos in just one pass.

Tweak Photos for Mac allows you to select your choice of effects and apply them with the whole lot of photos. Instead, to increase the photos one after the other, which is certainly a tedious job, Tweak Photos all about «CLICK.COLLECT.CONVERT».

Here is a brief introduction of what all you can do with photos Tweak: Batch Format Conversion & Rename

Here is a brief introduction of what all you can do with photos Tweak:

Batch format conversion and renaming

      Batch format conversion and renaming
  • Convert to and from the popular graphic formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JP2, JPG, BMP;
  • Rename party with meaningful names with several available settings;
  • resizing and auto-correct orientation
  • Changing the size of your party photos in either pixels or percentage to save space or for sharing;
  • Auto-correct the orientation of your photos based on EXIF ​​information;
  • Rotate / Flip package for portrait or landscape orientation;
  • Cropping area of ​​your photos from a variety of available predefined formats or your choice;

Enhance Customer and textural effects

      Enhance Customer and textural effects
  • Expansion and control the brightness, sharpness, contrast, and more;
  • Select from various effects such as: Sepia, Black & White, vignettes, lighting effects, Grunge effects to name only a few minute;
  • De-Noise all your party photos;
  • Use RGB adjust the controller to control the color contrast multiple photos;

Watermark & ​​Add a photo

      Watermark & ​​Add a photo
  • Watermark and add a logo for your party photos;
  • Automatically print the photos with the original / modified date / time according to the EXIF ​​information, and your choice of format;
  • Add text to the party photos and customize the font style;
  • Select from a variety of beautifully crafted frames as Classic, Fancy, film, Royal, vintage, and more;

Managing batches Layer Effects

      Managing batches Layer Effects
  • Edit / Delete your batch effect layers at any time during the batch editing;
  • Changing the position of the layers to see the difference;

Error Reporting and processing of skipped files

      Error Reporting and processing of skipped files
  • Quick view any errors and warnings, as repeated file names, file missing, etc.;
  • The ability to handle missing files again without alteration;

Save Session & Selected

      Save Session & Selected
  • Save the last edited session for later use;
  • Creating a favorite with your choice of package and apply effects during the next editing session in just a single click;

What’s new:

version 2.3

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