Unite 2.2.3

2.2.3 United

Unite allows you to quickly and easily turn the site into a full-featured, native applications on MacOS. Using a revolutionary browser Unite as an internal interface, Unite each application has its own browser, while being incredibly small and fully functional. And, since each unique application Unite browser, they have some cookies and settings, as well as support for user scripts and user styles. In addition to advanced features web browsing, the Unite applications include the MacOS-specific features, including notifications, support for touch panel, the ability to pin applications to the status bar, and much more.

What’s new:

Version 2.0:

      Version 2.0:
  • Rewritten backend browser built on WebKit 2
  • Improved Unloading
  • Support for full-screen video
  • printing Support
  • Improved loading and loading support
  • Recycled tab bar
  • Added progress indicator
  • Added the ability to display an icon in the title bar
  • Added ability to switch the window name and the icon
  • Added the ability to change the title and color of the panel tabs
  • Now for Windows will remember the size and position between launches
  • Command-W to close the window and the team will now only close tab current in contrast to all open tabs
  • Unite will now remember to hide the toolbar when you select
  • menu options are now saying, chosen name instead of ┬źDefaultApp┬╗
  • Added zoom support
  • Improved creation of backend
  • Unite tool creation can now overwrite the previously created application
  • Unite 1, the application will automatically update them to the backend updates Unite 2. The future must support and
  • Notifications and improvement of user scripts
  • A lot of bug fixes and minor tweaks

Compatibility: OS X 10,10 or later, 64-bit processor Home https://eggerapps.at/postico/


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