Valentina Studio Pro 9.7.1

Valentine Studio Pro 9.7.1 is the main data management tool for database administrators. Valentina Studio includes a variety of database administration tools. Valentina Studio Pro, to unlock advanced tools for data modeling, report design and editing, and more.
Valentina Studio brings you a powerful visual editors for your data, including:

  • Schema Editor (type of wood and the type of column) – create and modify objects schemes supported databases: tables, views, fields are defined, reference constraints, triggers, indexes, stored procedures, …
  • Diagram Editor -. Design, new chart or to make reverse engineering, e.i explore existing databases visually
  • Data Editor – Easily view the table entries in the grid, change the recording, inline editing values, sort, filter, record and save your favorite filters, preview images, hex editor for binary values, …
  • Related Data Editor – easy to learn and manage related records of two tables, links / Disconnect record with the mouse to make a set of operations with related records, …
  • Editor SQL – with color syntax, auto-completion, and the last saved favorite queries, templates, error console / alert reporting, …
  • Query Editor – build SQL queries visually, using just a few mouse clicks
  • Server Admin -., Where you can manage users find logs and other server settings
  • Open as many editors as you like at the same time for different databases / servers, open tabs in panels. You can also get various database-related utilities, including import / export, waste dumps, diagnose, the Clone, reindexing, …
    MAS version of Valentina Studio uses ICloud share bookmarks between devices!
    Valentina Studio Pro as an in-app purchase to get more advanced pro features such as:

  • Report Editor – a visual editor Valentina reports that can be saved in the project file Valentina (.vsp). Reports can be used as a data source MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQlite, Valentine DB, ODBC.
  • Form Editor – a visual editor Valentina forms that can be saved in the project file Valentina (.vsp). Forms can use all supported database as a data source.
  • Data Editor. – allows you to go to the parent record functions
  • Data Editor Layouts – save the columns and their order as the name of the layout
  • Data Editor Multiple Update. – update multiple records at once
  • Data Transfer – Copy data between different databases
  • Diagram Editor – allows you to forward engineering. – that is, generation of SQL scripts for new / modified database objects
  • Landfill master. – allows you to filter the table to select them to dump
  • Error Lookup -. Search for the description of the error by its code
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. – allows the opportunity to review the labels and create custom sets of shortcuts
  • Object Color -. It allows marking objects with certain colors
  • Query Editor. – Allows the ability to copy the generated query
  • Schema Cache. – save and reuse the schema cache
  • Schema Editor – copy one or more schema objects using drag-and-drop mechanism
  • .

  • Schema Editor – to expand and collapse tree items with sub-items using OPTION + click
  • Schema Snapshot -. Save and load circuit in a structured format
  • Source Control -. Develop a database using any VCS
  • SQLDiff. – Find the differences between two database states and generate SQL script to move between these states
  • SQL search -. Search schema objects
  • Edit SQL. – allows autocompletion for table aliases
  • SQL Editor -. Format SQL queries
  • Edit SQL. – edit the query results SQL
  • What’s new:
    version 9.7.1

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  • Compatibility: MacOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit

    Size: 24 MB
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