VideoHive – Cinepunch Master v20

Description of VideoHive – Cinepunch Master v20

CINEPUNCH is a Massive Variety Bundle of Cinematic Tools, Assets and Elements for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Think of it as your Personal FX LIBRARY. It was created to help filmmakers and video editors have an abundance of tools for creativity while saving their money.
The STORY I Rather than separate every tool and sell individually, I wanted to pack it all together, build and give you as many different tools and packs as I possibly could. And with every new update, provide new tools, packs and add-ons free for life for customers. Over time it has become the Biggest Premiere Pro & After Effects Bundle in the World! The Bundle that keeps Growing! The Gift that keeps on Giving!

Includes the latest update v20:

  • TRANSITIONPUNCH 5.0 Drag & Drop with SFX (Premiere CC2017 & Above)
  • TRANSITIONPUNCH (1200+ Transition Presets for Adobe Premiere CS6 & Above)
  • The Ultimate TRANSITIONS SOUND PACK; (475 Transition SFX – 24bit)
  • LUTMASTER – (700+ Colors and Presets)
  • SOUNDPUNCH – (2300+ SFX – 24bit)
  • TRAILERPUNCH – (65 Cinematic Styles and Mixes for Trailers)
  • HAZE – (Over 150 Fog – Fire – Lens Damage Elements)
  • FRIGHT NIGHT Horror Pack (7 After Effects Horror Titles – SFX – Color Presets)
  • DISRUPTION VFX Suite + 4K Elements – Glitch Toolkit
  • FILMMAKER VFX Suite + 4K Elements – Film Look Toolkit
  • ANAMORPHIC CREAMS (Over 75 Real Anamorphic Glares – 4K)
  • NAMORPHIC CREAMS V2 (Over 150 Real Anamorphic & Spherical Glares – 8K)
  • LEAKPUNCH (14 4K Light Leak Transtion Mattes)
  • CINEDUST (100 Authentic Dust Mattes 4K, 6K, 8K)
  • FRACTAL (150 Experimental Light 4K, 6K, 8K)
  • GLAM! (100+ Glitter Bokeh Overlays 4K, 6K)
  • HYPNOTINKS – Over 270 Colorfully Hypnotic INK Elements
  • LIGHTDROPS (200+ Light Transitions Overlays 4K & 8K)
  • Vimeo Video Magazine (Access to Download Single Elements in a variety of sizes)
  • 40+ Video Tutorials & Quick Tips
  • Premiere, FCP7, FCPX CINEPUNCH Elements Project
  • resets fo After Effects and Premiere

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    Size: 78 GB
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