VisualsofJulius – The Complete Brush Bundle

Description of VisualsofJulius – The Complete Brush Bundle

The Complete Brush Bundle

  • 60+ high quality brushes for Photoshop which will help you in creating lighting effects, particles, northern lights, moons, lightning, fog, dust, splashes, birds, trees, clouds, rays and much more
  • Brushes for lighting, blending, masking and detailing


  • 60+ Custom Brushes
  • Instruction and example videos
  • 3 Packs In One Bundle
  • Visualsofjulius Brush Pack: Sky

  • One click brushes. Add quickly elements like Skies, Northern Lights, Stars, Moons and Lightning.
  • Brushes are extremely easy to install and you can start improving your work extremely quickly.
  • Visualsofjulius Brush Pack: Refining

  • This brush pack includes my favorite and most crucial brushes for seamless editing. Refine edges and trees and create snow and dust effects.
  • You don’t need any prior experience with brushes to understand how they work. These brushes changed my whole editing process for good.
  • Visualsofjulius Brush Pack: Elements

  • This brush pack comes with bunch of effects like Sun rays, Birds, Splashes and Flares. All brushes are one click brushes and you can get stunning results in seconds
  • These brushes are fun to use and can come in handy in many situations. Definitely some of my favorite brushes to use.
  • Requirements: Photoshop CS6+


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